Monday, May 24, 2004

Basic Security - securing a web service

Ok once you have deployed a web service how do you make it secure.
Put the following snippet in the web.xml file

Greeting Service


Greeting Web Service




just before the end tag ""

And in the orion-web.xml file, put the following xml snippet:

Now you are all set. Just deploy the web service again and you would be prompted to provide a user id and password.

As for the java client accessing the wsdl :
In the auto generated constructor, assuming u r using jdeveloper to create and deploy your web services: just provide the properties to the http connection.

Properties props = new Properties();
props.put(OracleSOAPHTTPConnection.AUTH_TYPE, "basic");
props.put(OracleSOAPHTTPConnection.USERNAME, "admin");
props.put(OracleSOAPHTTPConnection.PASSWORD, "welcome");


Anonymous said...

Vishal, The example seems to be incomplete. Could you please provide us then code snippet that should have gone here...

And in the orion-web.xml file, put the following xml snippet

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