Friday, January 11, 2008

BPMN Patterns - Sequence

Workflow patterns have been analysed in detail by Eindhoven University and Queensland University folks, their findings are enlisted at this location

I will start documenting some of the common workflow (control) flow patterns and how they can be modeled using the Oracle BPA Suite.
[P.S., some product pitch] The Oracle BPM story is coming together nice and strong with the Oracle BPA Suite The BPMN 2 BPEL roundtrip is best facilitated in this tool.
I will start covering basic patterns and then build on those concepts to highlight the capabilities of a BPMN2BPEL algorithm.
I am using Oracle BPMN solution (Oracle BPA Suite) to model these patterns.

Lets start with the simple sequence:

This is how a simple sequence will be drawn in the BPMN editor. The same process definition can be made available to the IT users as a BPEL process blueprint.

It will be a simple bpel sequence with a scope for each BPMN activity. IT developers can add implementation details for each activity within the scope of that activity.