Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BPMN diagram updates - who owns Business or IT?

Talking to a prospective customer, the inevitable question cropped up what happens if IT suggests changes to blueprint. Should IT be allowed to modify the process definition at all. Since Business owns BPMN diagrams, should implementation be allowed to update the business process defintion.

In my opinion it should be left to individual implementing organizations. THe tools should support both options: allowing IT to update the Business process and preventing it. Lets give the control to business and IT users and let them decide what changes are allowed. Every organization will have its own dynamics.
  • Some orgs, where IT is deeply entrenched and understands business for a long time, can definitely benefit from the flexibility.
  • Other organizations may have a more strict guidelines and controls over the BP definition with business users.
  • Some other orgs may identify process architects who can make the decision and controls / vets the process definition both before and after implementation.

Another interesting thing that was pointed out was the need for best practices and supporting trainings / tutorials / documents detailing how the tools should be used. I strongly think empowering customers with the capabilities of the tools is the key to successful adoption. I hope this blog is also contributing to the same.