Sunday, April 01, 2012

Activiti - PVM - a closer look

Recently a team member pointed me to this white paper evaluation of PVM - the process virtual machine which is the heart of jBPM and Activiti. Apparently, the support for various patterns is pretty week in PVM:
Who is betting the future of their workflow on Activiti? Take a deep look at Roubroo

Maturing BPMS to Case management

This article is an excellent summary of what to look for in a BPMS that can allow for the flexibility of supporting case management. The ideal solution which kill two birds with one shot. It will create a set of defined process(s) for the 90 % of throughput but will also allow to turn this into a case for the remaining 10%

Learn to walk before you can run

On one of the linked in forums I saw a quote, learn to walk before you run in the BPM context and I was really happy to observe the power of simplicity. We are busy talking about and creating new acronyms, S-BPM, X-BPM, Y-BPM and what not. But have we and our practitioners learnt to walk? Or we are saying we will give you a car which can only be run by our trained chauffeur and the chauffeur will cost you more than the car.