Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oracle BPA is out

The Oracle BPA is GA and is available for download here:
It has enhanced BPMN 1.1 support.
The whole certification matrix is here:

Further we have an enhanced set of example BPMN diagrams and their fully implemented versions on the sample page:

Have fun - try it out and let us know how the experience is!


Shyam Enuganti said...

Vishal I found lot of info about BPA, but not much details about install on linux.

I work at a big MNC, and was asked to install BPA suite on Linux server.

I read the install doc ...but could not find H/W or S/W requirements for linux. (I have to order a server so need to tell how many CPU's, memory & HD)

I would appreciate if you can share your opinion on deploying BPA suite on linux and also h/w or s/w requirements.

(Please mask my email id when publishing my comments)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vishal,

I am a business analyst and think that BPA is an excellent tool. I am working to interface a process mining tool to BPA that would export EPC and/or BPMN in xpdl to BPA. I have some questions

have been using Oracles BPA and am keen to look at the new release but before I download 500MB does it do BPMN simulation yet?

Also I know it comes with a demo simulation and documentation but is there more detail on how Oracle simulation works.



Michael Hendrickx said...

Hi Vishal,

Do you know how it is possible to install BPA publisher on Win2003 SP2? It requires SP1, but fails when you're pushing it onto a SP2 box.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Is Publisher installation working fine on windows 2003, SP1?Its failing for me.

el boludo said...

Hello Vishal,

i'm currently working with the new BPA Suite in a customers project where we want to model BPMN Processes which are later on transformed to BPEL.

The question is, which BPMN parts are used to derive the BPEL process in the transformation. How do i have to design my BPMN to obtain a complete (as posible) BPEL Process. Is there any documentation from Oracle?

Thx Tobias

Alan Crean said...

Oracle BPA is fully integrated with Process Master

Anonymous said...






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